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JMA/WMO Workshop on Quality Management of Surface Observations
- RA II WIGOS Project
Tokyo, Japan, 19-23 March 2018



Session 1: WIGOS

The WMO Integrated Global Observing Systems; Current Status and Planned Regional Activities Dr. Lars Peter Riishojgaard (WMO) X
CIMO in support of fit-for-purpose measurement Dr. Isabelle Ruedi (WMO) X
Quality monitoring of observation data in NWP Centre and overview of the WDQMS NWP Centre/JMA X
Regional WIGOS Project in RA II Project coordinator (JMA) X
Review of the results of the questionnaire on Quality Management of Surface Meteorological Observations in RA II JMA X
Country report Bangladesh X
Cambodia X
Maldives X
Myanmar X
Pakistan X
Sri Lanka X
Thailand X
Viet Nam X

Session 2: Regional Instrument Centre (RIC)

Introduction of RIC Beijing RIC Beijing X
Introduction of RIC Manila RIC Manila X
Introduction of RIC Tsukuba RIC Tsukuba X
Practical use of standard meteorological instruments in domestic meteorological observation networks RIC Tsukuba X
Technical tour of RIC Tsukuba RIC Tsukuba -

Session 3: Quality management of surface observations

Quality Management in rainfall observation JMA X
Double mass exercise
Integrated Utilization of Rain Gauge Posters by JMA X
Radar Rain Gauge-Analyzed Precipitation X
Very-short-range Forecast of Precipitation X
High-resolution Precipitation Nowcasts X
Observation Data Quality Control in Numerical Weather Prediction X
Soil Water Index, Runoff Index, and Surface Water Index X
Technical tour of JMA's operational centers JMA -
WMO-CIMO Lead Centre "B. Castelli" on Precipitation Intensity Prof. Luca Giovanni Lanza,
Dr. Mattia Stagnaro and
Ms. Arianna Cauteruccio
(CIMO Lead Centre)
Accuracy of precipitation measurements,instrument calibration and techniques for data correction and interpretation X
Catching-type Rain Gauges: Standards and Performance X
Wind Induced Undercatch:Field observations and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations X

Session 4: Conclusion of the workshop

Discussion on future activities/actions for improvement of quality management of observation data in RA II All participants X
Discussion result
Outcomes of the workshop JMA X
Adoption of the draft summary All participants Summary report