Himawari RGB Quick Guides


Himawari RGB Quick Guides provide basic summaries on the use of RGB composite imagery.

They are designed simply with front and reverse sides for ease of printing and lamination. A total of 18 Quick Guides are provided in relation to SATAID software to facilitate daily work.

Guides contain information on:

  1. Main application(s), benefits and limitations
  2. Typical cases
  3. Color interpretation
  4. RGB recipe (RGB composition: combinations of imagery assigned to the three primary colors with recommended thresholds) and related specifications

Himawari RGB Quick Guides by Purpose

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Fog or Low-level Clouds

Water Clouds and Ice Clouds (day-time only)

Convective Clouds (day-time only)

Synoptic Systems (air masses, jet streams, cyclogenesis, etc.)

Dust (yellow sand)

Volcanic Phenomena

Forest Fires

Surface Features

Himawari RGB Quick Guides