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Observation System Operation

Operation Center

  In the meteorological observation system operation center at the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) headquarters, operators monitor systems used for regional meteorological observation (AMeDAS), weather radar observation, upper-air observation (using radiosondes and wind profilers), aviation weather observation (airport weather Doppler radar, Doppler lidar, lightning detection and surface observation for airport weather) and other purposes, and also conduct quality control of observational data around the clock.

  If errors with instruments, observation data or data communication lines are discovered, operators take immediate action in conjunction with the relevant departments within the Agency and elsewhere. JMA remains committed to its provision of reliable observation data to users.

Operation center (from left: AMeDAS, wind profilers, radiosondes)

Operation center (from left: AMeDAS, wind profilers, radiosondes)

Operation center (left: weather radar)

Operation center (right: aviation weather service)

Operation center (left: weather radar; right: aviation weather service)

Monitoring workspace in the weather forecasting workroom

Workspace for operators dispatched to the weather
forecasting workroom to share information on
observation characteristics and system operating
conditions with forecasters.