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Instrument calibration training materials

As described in "RIC Tsukuba package", RIC Tsukuba provides training materials (i.e., presentations and content for practical application) on calibration involving standard instruments/equipment used by recipients for targeted NMHSs. The materials include presentations and practice sheets to help technical staff understand fundamental concepts and appreciate the importance of the framework for international traceability regarding meteorological instruments. A sample of the content is shown below.

Practice sheet from JMA Tsukuba barometer calibration material

sample_sheet calibration

sample_picture calibration

Outline of RIC Tsukuba materials for barometer calibration

The following materials were provided to attendees of the JICA Training and Dialogue Program titled Reinforcement of Meteorological Services run by JMA in November 2016:

Documents provided at the JMA/WMO Training Workshop at RIC Tsukuba in February 2013 can also be accessed at "International meetings & workshops" including presentation notes and content on meteorological instrument calibration.