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Collaborative Migration towards "Clouds" in the Improved MTN (IMTN) project

WMO promotes the IMTN project to seek improved cost-effectiveness, modernization and flexibility of the MTN on the GTS. One of the main concepts of the project involves collaborative migration of the MTN from a network composed of bilateral point-to-point circuits to a small number of data communication network services called "clouds". The project contains two clouds, each of which is supplied and managed by a single provider.

In line with the collaborative migration plan, Cloud I under the frame relay network providing interconnectivity among WMCs Washington and Melbourne and RTH Tokyo became operational on January 23, 2003.   Additionally, as part of Cloud II (implemented as an extension of the RA VI-RMDCN), MTN circuits Tokyo-Beijing and Tokyo-New Delhi started operation on February 26 and August 11, 2004, respectively.

The migration to clouds increases not only cost-effectiveness but also improves throughput with expanded capacity for each link.   Thanks to this improvement, further enhancement of data exchange is in progress in cooperation with the centers concerned.

IMTN - Improved Main Telecommunication Network
RMDCN - Regional Meteorological Data Communication Network (in Regional Association VI)