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RTH Tokyo

RTH Tokyo - Global Telecommunication System

Japan Meteorological Agency

History of circuit upgrades since 1993
The Japan Meteorological Agency has been operating a telecommunication system to fulfill the functions required for a Regional Telecommunication Hub (RTH) of the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) within the framework of WMO. RTH Tokyo was designated by WMO in 1967; since then, the number of GTS circuits connected with RTH Tokyo has grown to ten, and their transmission rates and protocols have been upgraded gradually.

Table showing history of upgrades since 1993

Status of RMTN in RA II as of October 2019
Status of Regional Meteorological Telecommunication Network (RMTN) for Region II is here.
RTH Tokyo welcomes suggestions for status changes from the National Meteorological Centers concerned.
The specifications of current GTS circuits connected with RTH Tokyo are shown here.

RTH Tokyo as DCPC
RTH Tokyo starts operation as DCPC (Data Collection and Production Centre) of WMO Information System (WIS) on 1 August 2011.
For more information about WIS, please see the WIS portal site of JMA: https://www.wis-jma.go.jp.

RTH Focal Point
Japan Meteorological Agency
Japan Meteorological Agency


Last updated: 2019/11/12