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Volcanic Warnings (Kanto/Chubu)

Latest Volcanic Warnings (Kanto/Chubu)
AbbreviationKeywordVolcanoIssued at
Near-crater warningLevel 2 (Do not approach the crater)Asamayama11:00 JST, 19 August 2019
Near-crater warningLevel 2 (Do not approach the crater)Kusatsu-Shiranesan(Shiranesan(Yugama Area))14:00 JST, 27 November 2018
ForecastLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)Hakoneyama10:00 JST, 07 October 2019

Current Volcanic Warnings (Kanto/Chubu)
NasudakeLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
TakaharayamaPotential for increased activity
NantaisanPotential for increased activity
Nikko-ShiranesanLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
AkagisanPotential for increased activity
HarunasanPotential for increased activity
Kusatsu-ShiranesanPotential for increased activity
Kusatsu-Shiranesan(Shiranesan(Yugama Area))Level 2 (Do not approach the crater)
Kusatsu-Shiranesan(Motoshiranesan)Level 1 (Potential for increased activity)
AsamayamaLevel 2 (Do not approach the crater)
YokodakePotential for increased activity
Niigata-YakeyamaLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
MyokosanPotential for increased activity
MidagaharaLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
YakedakeLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
AkandanayamaPotential for increased activity
NorikuradakeLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
OntakesanLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
HakusanLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
FujisanLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
HakoneyamaLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
Izu-Tobu VolcanoesLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)

Volcanic Warnings are issued in relation to expected volcanic disasters, and detail the names of the affected areas.
Volcanic Forecasts are issued when a volcano is/becomes calm.
This page shows the latest Volcanic Warning/Forecast for each volcano.
The Volcanic Forecasts shown here are those issued in the last 30 days.