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Volcanic Warnings (Izu/Ogasawara)

Latest Volcanic Warnings (Izu/Ogasawara)
AbbreviationKeywordVolcanoIssued at
Near-crater warningWarning in non-residential areas near the craterNishinoshima15:00 JST, 16 December 2019
Warning (sea area)Warnings for sea areas in the vicinity of a volcanoFukutoku-Oka-no-Ba10:02 JST, 01 December 2007
Near-crater warningWarnings around the craterIoto10:01 JST, 01 December 2007

Current Volcanic Warnings (Izu/Ogasawara)
Izu-OshimaLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
ToshimaPotential for increased activity
NiijimaLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
KozushimaLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
MiyakejimaLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
MikurajimaPotential for increased activity
HachijojimaLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
AogashimaLevel 1 (Potential for increased activity)
Beyonesu RocksPotential for increased activity
SumisujimaPotential for increased activity
Izu-TorishimaPotential for increased activity
SofuganPotential for increased activity
NishinoshimaWarning in non-residential areas near the crater
Kaikata SeamountPotential for increased activity
Kaitoku SeamountPotential for increased activity
Funka AsanePotential for increased activity
IotoWarnings around the crater
Kita-FukutokutaiPotential for increased activity
Fukutoku-Oka-no-BaWarnings for sea areas in the vicinity of a volcano
Minami-Hiyoshi SeamountPotential for increased activity
Nikko SeamountPotential for increased activity

Volcanic Warnings are issued in relation to expected volcanic disasters, and detail the names of the affected areas.
Volcanic Forecasts are issued when a volcano is/becomes calm.
This page shows the latest Volcanic Warning/Forecast for each volcano.
The Volcanic Forecasts shown here are those issued in the last 30 days.