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Earthquake Information

Earthquakes within the last month
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[Distant Earthquake Information]
The table below shows the date, time, epicenter and magnitude of earthquakes that occurred outside Japan with an observed magnitude of 7.0 or larger, etc.

Occurred at Region Name Magnitude Issued at
11:26 JST 11 Dec 2018Southern Atlantic OceanM7.111:52 JST 11 Dec 2018
15:43 JST 05 Dec 2018Southern Pacific OceanM7.016:15 JST 05 Dec 2018
13:18 JST 05 Dec 2018(4th)Southern Pacific OceanM7.616:00 JST 05 Dec 2018
13:18 JST 05 Dec 2018(3rd)Southern Pacific OceanM7.614:54 JST 05 Dec 2018
13:18 JST 05 Dec 2018(2nd)Southern Pacific OceanM7.614:19 JST 05 Dec 2018
13:18 JST 05 Dec 2018Southern Pacific OceanM7.613:41 JST 05 Dec 2018
02:29 JST 01 Dec 2018Western North AmericaM7.002:55 JST 01 Dec 2018
"-" in the above information represents an indeterminable value.