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Earthquake Information

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[Information on seismic intensity at each site]
The map and text below show a) the observed Seismic Intensity (1 and above) and its location, b) the date and time of the earthquake, and c) its epicenter and magnitude.

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Earthquake Information (Information on seismic intensity at each site)
Issued at 06:55 JST 10 Jan 2017

Occurred at (JST) Latitude
Depth Magnitude Region Name
06:52 JST 10 Jan 2017 35.8N 136.9E 10 km 3.9 Gifu-ken Mino-chuseibu

Seismic Intensity at each station
(* mark: Local Governments' or NIED's station)
PrefectureJMA Seismic IntensityStation Name
Gifu3Gujo-shi Hachimancho-shimadani
Gujo-shi Hachimancho-asahi*
2Gifu Yamagata-shi Miyama-shisho*
Gujo-shi Shirotoricho-nagataki*
Gujo-shi Meiho*
Gujo-shi Yamatocho*
Gujo-shi Shirotoricho-shirotori*
1Takayama-shi Takanemachi*
Gero-shi Mori
Gero-shi Hagiwaracho*
Gero-shi Kanayamacho*
Gero-shi Maze*
Mizunami-shi Uedairacho*
Kani-shi Hiromi*
Kawabe-cho Nakakawabe*
Yaotsu-cho Yaotsu*
Shirakawa-cho Kawamata*
Seki-shi Itadori*
Seki-shi Kaminoho*
Seki-shi Nakanoho*
Seki-shi Horado-ichiba*
Mino Shiyakusho*
Ibigawa-cho Higashi-sugihara*
Ibigawa-cho Tanigumi*
Ibigawa-cho Higashi-tsukumi*
Ibigawa-cho Nishi-yokoyama*
Ono-cho Ono*
Gifu Yamagata-shi Taniai-undojo
Gifu Yamagata-shi Daimon*
Motosu-shi Neo*
Gujo-shi Waracho*
Gujo-shi Takasucho*
Gujo-shi Minamicho*
Fukui1Ohno-shi Kaizara*
Ohno-shi Asahi*
Aichi1Shinshiro-shi Tsukude-takasato Matsufuro*
Shinshiro-shi Tsukude-takasato Nawatekami*
Okazaki-shi Wakamiyacho
Ichinomiya-shi Chiaki

This earthquake poses no tsunami risk.
"-" in the above information represents an indeterminable value.

Some of the names of cities/towns/villages in the message are the versions used before the areas were administratively united.