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Landslide Alert Information in effect for the following region:

* This alert information relates to debris flows and concentrated slope failures.

* The term “equivalent” here means that the relevant criteria for the 5-km grid square are met based on observed or forecast rainfall.

* Real-time Landslide Risk Map
  Real-time Landslide Risk Map data supplement Landslide Alert Information (Japanese only). The map shows levels of landslide risk for individual 5-km grid squares on an ascending scale of five risk levels ranging from white to purple. Prediction data used by JMA for risk determination include Soil Water Index values from the period up to two hours ahead in consideration of the time necessary for evacuation.

* Evacuate Early
  Real-time Landslide Risk Map data indicate locations where the risk of landslides is higher within municipalities for which Landslide Alert Information and/or Heavy Rain Warnings specifying possible landslides#1 are in effect.
  Potentially fatal landslides may be particularly imminent in locations that (i) meet the applicable criteria, and (ii) are within pre-designated landslide-prone areas#2. At this level of risk, people in such locations are in extreme danger and should evacuate immediately from landslide-prone areas.

#1: Heavy Rain Warning specifying possible landslides: This type of Warning is shown in red as Heavy rain (Ground-loosening) on the Weather Warnings/Advisories webpage (http://www.jma.go.jp/en/warn/index.html).

#2: including surrounding areas depending on status