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Table of Hourly Weather Observations (Today/Yesterday)

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Today's observation data Yesterday's observation data
Click on a site to see its hourly observation table (data are updated at around 20 minutes past the hour).
The above image has been created with the authorization of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan as a 50-meter-mesh altitude map. Please note that data may not be updated in the event of problems or maintenance related to observation instruments or telecommunications.
Stations Observed data
 Regional Headquarters or Local Meteorological OfficesTemperature, Precipitation, Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Sunshine Duration, Snow Depth, Humidity, and Atmospheric Pressure
 Automated weather stationsPrecipitation
 Automated weather stationsTemperature, Precipitation, Wind Direction, Wind Speed, and Sunshine Duration
* Snow depth is measured only during snowy seasons. Erroneous data may be shown for areas where the ground is covered with fallen leaves or frost columns.
Ikeda Ikeda Anabuki Anabuki Tokushima Tokushima Handa Handa Kyojo Kyojo Fukuhara-asahi Fukuhara-asahi Kamoda Kamoda Kito Kito Hiwasa Hiwasa Kaiyo Kaiyo Ryuozan Ryuozan