News Release

Request to fill out the questionnaire on JMA's satellites

Japan Meteorological Agency
4 Apr. 2013

Attn: officers in charge of satellite imagery utilization at National Meteorological and Hydrological Services in the coverage area of Japan’s meteorological satellites

Since 1977, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has operated geostationary meteorological satellites at around 140°E to cover the East Asia and Western Pacific regions, and has contributed to the prevention and mitigation of severe weather disasters by monitoring atmospheric conditions in these areas. JMA plans to start operating the next-generation Himawari-8 and -9 satellites (referred to as Himawari-8/9) in 2015 and 2017, respectively, to replace the current MTSAT-2 satellite (Himawari-7). Please see for details of Himawari-8/9.

Himawari-8/9 will not carry a system for direct dissemination of imagery; instead, all imagery derived from the satellites will be distributed via the Internet. JMA will also disseminate HRIT and LRIT imagery (similar to the case of MTSAT-2) via a commercial telecommunication satellite at intervals of one hour as a minimum, and plans to start trial dissemination between three and six months before the commencement of Himawari-8’s operational service.

Annex 1 shows the channels and file sizes for Himawari-8/9 and MTSAT-1R/2 imagery, while Annex 2 shows the equipment needed for receipt of HRIT and LRIT imagery from Himawari-8/9 via a commercial telecommunication satellite.

To better comply with user needs and ensure a smooth shift from MTSAT-2 to Himawari-8/9, JMA is conducting a questionnaire survey to support consideration of Internet/commercial telecommunication satellite imagery distribution/dissemination services and their content.

JMA would very much appreciate your cooperation in completing the attached questionnaire and returning it to JMA by Wednesday, 1 May, 2013, by fax or email written in the questionnaire below.

JMA thanks you in advance for your input and look forward to further collaboration with your Service.