News Release

Termination of direct broadcasting to MDUS and SDUS Users via MTSAT

Japan Meteorological Agency
3 Sep. 2012

MTSAT-2 has been operating since 1 July, 2010, and data from it are disseminated to users at High/Low Rate Information Transmission (HRIT/LRIT) direct readout stations (MDUSs/SDUSs) via MTSAT-1R. As MTSAT-1R will reach the limit of its lifetime in 2015, JMA will terminate the HRIT/LRIT direct dissemination service of MTSAT-2 data via MTSAT-1R at the same time.

JMA plans to launch Himawari-8 in 2014 and start its operation as early as possible in 2015. Himawari-8 will not carry a direct data dissemination system, and image data from it will be available via JMA’s website and other online resources. JMA has also begun a study on the feasibility of disseminating data via a commercial telecommunications satellite. Further information will be released at the end of 2012 or later.