News Release

HiRID and WEFAX will be terminated on 12 March 2008

Japan Meteorological Agency
25 Jul. 2007

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has been providing HiRID (compatible with S-VISSR) and WEFAX imagery along with new HRIT and LRIT imagery via MTSAT-1R as transition measures for users of S-VISSR and/or WEFAX imagery since commencing the operational service of MTSAT-1R in June 2005.

JMA has finalized the date of ending the HiRID/WEFAX broadcasting service, date which has been announced in previous news releases (1 and 2). JMA will be ending the HiRID/WEFAX broadcast service at 0230UTC on 12 March 2008 with the broadcast of imagery at 0200UTC. Please note that, after the date, only HRIT and LRIT imagery will be available in accordance with the new timetable for MTSAT-1R direct broadcast.

JMA recommends HiRID/WEFAX users who will continue to use MTSAT-1R imagery contacting the manufacturer of the current receiving equipment.