News Release

Malfunction of the attitude control of MTSAT-2

Japan Meteorological Agency
5 Nov. 2007
  • Malfunction of the attitude control of the Multi-functional Transport Satellite-2 (MTSAT-2) was detected at 1440 JST (0540 UTC) on 5 November 2007.
  • The satellite has then been automatically brought to a sun-pointing mode* and is currently stable. It will take some time to investigate the causes of the malfunction and to prepare for the recovery.
  • While meteorological and aeronautical payloads of MTSAT-2 are not well functioning, those of the operational satellite, MTSAT-1R, are satisfactorily functioning. There is no influence on meteorological services and air traffic control.
* sun-pointing mode
An operation mode of the satellite in which the solar array is slewed to face the sun so that the satellite ensures necessary electric power.