News Release

Interruption of MTSAT-1R's operational observation

Japan Meteorological Agency
17 Apr. 2006

The failure of the posture (attitude) of MTSAT-1R occurred at 1557 UTC on 16 April has been recovered since around 20 UTC on the same date.

After confirming normal functions of the satellite such as posture (attitude) control, the mission instruments are turned on one after another from 0026 UTC on 17 April, and those functions are being confirmed.

As of 02 UTC on 17 April, meteorological telecommunication instruments have been recovered and, using the recovered telecommunication function and the NOAA imagery, JMA has started dissemination of WEFAX and LRIT imagery of East Asia via MTSAT-1R from 00 UTC, in order to ensure the coverage of the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently, status of the observing instrument (imager) of the satellite is being confirmed.