News Release

Test dissemination to begin on 31st May

Japan Meteorological Agency
20 May 2005

MTSAT-1R is now stationed at its operational position of 140E above the equator. Regarding the meteorological communication function, MTSAT-1R has already taken over GMS-5 since 28th April. Namely, the data relay from DCP's and dissemination of WEFAX imagery obtained with GOES-9 as the back-up of GMS-5 have been implemented via MTSAT-1R.

On 9th May, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) successfully conducted the conformation test to disseminate imagery obtained with MTSAT-1R via the said satellite on a spot basis, as part of the on-going in-orbit test and check-out of the whole system including the ground facilities.

JMA will initiate test dissemination of imagery obtained with MTSAT-1R via the satellite on 31st May in order to ensure the operation on the schedule and to have final calibration of the imager. During the test, the following dissemination of imagery will be made via MTSAT-1R:

(1) HRIT, HiRID and LRIT containing imagery obtained with MTSAT-1R, and
(2) WEFAX containing imagery obtained with GOES-9.

Furthermore, on 31st May, distribution of HRIT product containing imagery obtained with MTSAT-1R will be started to the registered National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS's) via the landline from RSMC Data Service of JMA.

Each day, the test dissemination of HRIT, HiRID and LRIT via MTSAT-1R will be conducted on the timetable which was promulgated to you in my letter JMA04/O1/284 of 8th December 2004. In this regard, you are kindly invited to note that due to nature of the coming test dissemination of imagery, some interruption of dissemination service or change of the broadcasting schedule may occur with or without advanced notification.

We are expecting to complete the test dissemination of imagery before the end of June and on the same day to initiate full operational distribution of imagery obtained with MTSAT-1R including WEFAX service (on the same date, WEFAX broadcast of GOES-9 imagery via MTSAT-1R will cease).

The dissemination service of S-VISSR data obtained with GOES-9 via landline to registered NMHS’s will be continued until early July 2005 as one of the transition measures.

We will provide you with further information including exact hour to start test dissemination and data of starting full operation at this web-site.