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Launch of MTSAT-1R
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Launch of MTSAT-1R (video clip)
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MTSAT-1R was launched at 6:25 pm JST on 26th of February 2005. The satellite was sent into space on a JAXA's H-IIA launch vehicle from the Tanegashima Space Center. The satellite was separated from the H-IIA launch vehicle forty minutes after the lift-off.

Pictures of MTSAT-1R Lift-off

Lift-off of MTSAT-1R
Lift-off of MTSAT-1R 01 Lift-off of MTSAT-1R 02 Lift-off of MTSAT-1R 03 Lift-off of MTSAT-1R 04 Lift-off of MTSAT-1R 05
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The moment MTSAT-1R separated from H-IIA Launch vehicle

MTSAT-1R seprataion
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MTSAT-1R separation MTSAT-1R separation, gif animation
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MTSAT-1R separation 01
MTSAT-1R separation 02
MTSAT-1R separation 03
MTSAT-1R separation 04
MTSAT-1R separation 05
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