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RIC Tsukuba Package case study - INAM

In 2015, RIC Tsukuba began RIC Tsukuba Package activities with the National Institute of Meteorology of Mozambique (Instituto Naciona de Meteorologia: INAM) as a part of a JICA technical cooperation project. This was the first application of the package in Africa and the first time it had been used in a country whose official language is Portuguese.

  • On-site surveying in relation to calibration capacity

    RIC Tsukuba experts found that although INAM had national standard instruments and a calibration chamber, its inspection equipment had been out of order for a long time and meteorological calibration had not been conducted.

  • Provision of national meteorological standard instruments

    JICA donated a digital barometer and a thermometer to INAM as national standard instruments with international traceability in 2016 along with inspection equipment.

  • Technical training in Japan and Mozambique

    In December 2015, four INAM experts were invited to RIC Tsukuba for training on the importance of instrument traceability/calibration and practical training on thermometer and barometer calibration (Figure below, INAM visit for on-the-job training in calibration (2015)).
    Two RIC Tsukuba experts were subsequently dispatched to INAM to check staff proficiency and visit a local station to provide technical advice on on-site calibration. (Visit to INAM for on-site training in calibration (2016))

INAM at RIC Tsukuba_2015

Training on glass tube thermometer calibration for INAM staff, 2015