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RIC Tsukuba overview

High-quality meteorological observation data are essential for accurate climate change monitoring and precise weather forecasting. To ensure the accuracy of meteorological observation, it is indispensable for meteorological instruments to be regularly calibrated and traceable.

Against such a background, JMA established the Meteorological Instrument Center (MIC) in 1944. The facility is designated as a Regional Instrument Centre (RIC) by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

JMA maintains instrument accuracy as shown in the image below. Instruments at JMA meteorological observation sites are operated in line with the International Standard (SI unit) based on a chain of calibration.


JMA international traceability

In addition to supporting the calibration of WMO Members' standard instruments (see "Calibration of Members' standards"), RIC Tsukuba holds international training workshops covering calibration, technical training for experts and maintenance of meteorological instruments. In this way, it contributes significantly to the calibration of meteorological instruments in WMO RA II and to the maintenance and improvement of meteorological observation accuracy.