HimawariCast Newsletter

JMA has been carrying out the following services for the use on operations of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs).

Imagery dissemination services

This HimawariCast Newsletter has been established to enable sharing of important information and expertise on satellite imagery analysis. Its content will include important information relating to the operation of HimawariCast receiving systems, examples of satellite imagery analysis techniques and tips on using JMA’s SATAID display and analysis program.

Newsletters Archive

  • No.10 (26 February 2019)
    • Utilization of HimawariCast data by the Viet Nam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration
    • Small void in Himawari-8 image data
    • 24-hour Microphysics RGB based on Himawari observation imagery
  • No.9 (17 December 2018)
    • JICA’s training program for reinforcement of meteorological services
    • Past, current and planned Himawari-8 Target Area observation locations
    • Night Microphysics RGB based on Himawari observation imagery
  • No.8 (1 October 2018)
    • JMA Himawari training event in collaboration with FMS
    • JMA supercomputer system upgrade
    • Natural color RGB based on Himawari observation imagery
    • Access to Himawari archive Data via the NICT Science Cloud Himawari Satellite Project
  • No.7 (26 June 2018)
    • HimawariRequest
    • Parallax shift
    • Result of Himawari-8 maintenance
  • No.6 (6 February 2018)
    • Maintenance of Himawari-8
      • Scanner calibration
      • BDS map update
    • Himawari-8 and 9 image differences
  • No.5 (20 December 2017)
    • JMA’s HimawariCast training event in Samoa and Sri Lanka
    • Improvement of Himawari-8 observation data quality
    • Introduction of useful function of SATAID
    • Upgraded SATAID program
  • No.4 (31 July 2017)
    • Utilization of HimawariCast in MMD
    • Addition of new RGB functions in SATAID
    • Day Snow-Fog RGB
    • JMA’s HimawariCast training event in Nepal, Tonga and Kiribati
  • No.3 (20 April 2017)
    • Himawari-9 commenced backup operation on 10 March 2017
    • Overview of BMKG’s utilization of HimawariCast
    • JMA’s HimawariCast training event in Mongolia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands
    • Introduction of useful functions of SATAID
  • No.2 (8 November 2016)
    • Successful launch of Himawari-9 on 2 November 2016
    • Report of HimawariCast training conducted by JMA
    • Change to dataset disseminated via HimawariCast service
    • Three years of Regional Focus Group meetings at the Australian VLab Centre of Excellence
  • No.1 (15 July 2016)
    • Preface
    • HimawariCast communication satellite switchover