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Calibration of Members' standards

RIC Tsukuba calibrates Members' standard instruments via one of the two methods outlined below. All instruments listed in the table are calibrated using Method A.

  • The Member sends the standard meteorological instrument for calibration to RIC Tsukuba, which calibrates it against its own standard. This is the regional standard for RA II. (Applicable to barometers, thermometers, hygrometers and anemometers)

  • Procedure of calibrating standards_1

  • RIC Tsukuba dispatches a traveling standard instrument calibrated against its own standard to the Member, which then calibrates its standard instrument against the traveling unit. (Applicable to barometers, thermometers and hygrometers)

  • Procedure of calibrating standards_2

Since its establishment in 1998, RIC Tsukuba has helped to maintain and improve the quality of meteorological observation data via the calibration of WMO Members' standards both in RA II and elsewhere as listed below.

Record of standard instruments of WMO Members calibrated by RIC Tsukuba

Month/Year Country/region Standard instruments calibrated
Mar 2000 Thailand Barometer, Thermometer
Oct 2001 Republic of Korea Anemometer
Aug 2006 Philippines Pyranometer
Apr 2007 Thailand Barometer, Thermometer
Dec 2007 Hong Kong, China Barometer
June 2010 Thailand Barometer, Thermometer, Anemometer
Feb 2012 Sultanate of Oman Barometer , Thermometer , Hygrometer
Nov 2012 Indonesia Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer
Oct 2013 Bangladesh Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer
Jan 2015 Hong Kong, China Anemometer
Jun 2015 Indonesia Pyranometer
Jun 2015 Fiji Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer
Dec 2015 Philippines Barometer
Feb 2016 Mozambique Barometer, Thermometer
Feb 2016 Sri Lanka Barometer
Jul 2016 Fiji Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer
Mar 2017 Philippines Anemometer
May 2018 Vanuatu Barometer